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It took me 30 days on my “Road Six Pack Abs” to be able to see a definition and feel comfortable with my progress.  Did you know it is easier to get a six pack, than to maintain one?


In the beginning of this journey on 11-16-15, I shared the reason why I was trying to get a six-pack, was because I was invited to participate in a TV show called “Til TV International” hosted by Gladys delaMora.  She invited me to be part of her team and have my “exercise” segment.   I’m so excited about this project and inspiring many women to start a healthy lifestyle and exercising.

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Check out my exercise segment for Til TV International, fast forward to minute 11:18.

(Note show is in Spanish)

Update ROAD SIX PACK 12-14-15:

Plan of attack to get my Road Six Pack Abs

  1. Increase my cardio by 30-45 minutes daily. HIIT Cardio!
    1. Update 11-22-15: I did 30 minutes of cardio each day since 11-16-15.  I mostly did stair master, HIIT on treadmill and plyos.
    2. Update 12-7-15: I alternated on 30 minutes on stair master one day and next day I’d do 15 minutes stair mater and 15 minutes HIIT on treadmill.
    3. Update 12-14-15: I did 20 minutes Stair Master each day.
  2. Cut back on complex carbohydrates during leaning phase.
    1. Update 11-22-15: I kept carb intake to 150 g/day, instead of 200 g/day I was taking before that.
    2. Update 12-7-15: I kept carb intake same 150 g/day, expect on Thanksgiving. I don’t even know how many carbs were in my tamales.
    3. Update 12-14-15: I kept carb intake 150 g/day one day and 100 g/day next day, repeat.
  3. Drink 1.5 gals of water.  I usually drink 1 gal only.
    1. Update 11-22-15:  Definitely 1.5 gals of water per day
    2. Update 12-7-15: 1.5 gals of water per day
    3. Update 12-14-15: 1.5 gals of water per day
  4. Do abs exercises 4 times a week.
    1. Update 11-22-15: I did abs 11-16 (Monday), 11-17 (Tuesday), 11-18 (Wednesday), and 11-21 (Saturday).
    2. Update 12-7-15: I did abs 4 times per week, same days as listed above.
    3. Update 12-14-15:  I did abs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  5. Monitor stress.  I have high cortisol levels and this allows my body to store fat faster, therefore I need to be pretty good about managing stress. Will include yoga, meditation and my fit healing journal. 
    1. Update 11-22-15: I started my meditation again.  I tend to forget I need to do this daily, as it has been a crucial part of My Fit Healing process.  Meditation is so beneficial to lower cortisol levels.
    2. Update 12-7-15: I kept my meditation, healings and started reading books again.  I also have been pretty good with my grateful list, which makes a huge difference on how I start my day.  Im so full of positivity and energetic.
    3. Upadte 12-14-15: Integrated Yoga 1x per week, meditated 10 minutes each morning and focused on reading for 30 minutes per day.  I mostly read during cardio to make it go fast.
  6. I don’t do cheat meals, but definitely keep this in mind! No sweets, goodies, or tamales!
    1. Update 11-22-15:  This was a little hard because each time I go to my parent’s house, they have cakes, tacos, or yummy food!  But, I did not cheat.  Is not that hard for me to avoid goodies, but I feel guilty each time I reject my parents offerings.
    2. Update 12-7-15: I ate Tamales as mentioned before, went for Sushi twice in the last 2 weeks.  One place I ordered brown rice, the other only had white rice.  Yes, this was not part of my macros for carbohydrates.
    3. Update 12-14-15:  No cheat meals.
  7. Cut back Alcohol! I’ve been having 1-2 glasses of red wine weekly lately, as I attend networking events.  But, no more alcohol!
    1. Update 11-22-15: No Alcohol whatsoever this week.  I did have a few Networking events and meetings, but kept thinking “No, six pack!’  That kept me focused.
    2. Update 12-7-15: I only had 1 glass of Merlot last Saturday 12-5-15.
    3. Update 12-14-15: No alcohol, by that I mean no red wine lol  Is all I drink.

Road to Six-Pack Abs - Mary Miranda Progress


Sneak Peak.  My diet is different weekly, so here is an example of what I eat in one day.  Abs friendly diet.

Meal 1: (pre-workout meal) Protein Shake + Oats + 1 medium apple

Meal 2: (post workout meal) 1/2 c brown rice + 3oz Turkey + 2 cups spinach + green juice

Meal 3: 3oz beef + 1 cup asparagus

Meal 4: 1/4 cup quinoa + 3oz turkey + 1 cup mixed veggies + green juice

Meal 5: 3oz chunk light tuna + 1 cup spinach + 1/2 avocado (guacamole)

Meal 6: protein shake + 2 T peanut butter

Abs are made in the kitchen
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  1. Do more cardio.  Cardio is super important when you are trying to lean out and reduce overall body fat percentage.  If you have read my blog posts or followed me on social media, you will know I absolutely hate cardio.  Ironically our bodies love the effects of cardio!  I wish I had pushed myself a little more each day to 45 mins, instead of 20 mins, but I promised myself I was not going to stress over it and lose the weight slowly.
  2. Sauna!  I probably should have incorporated Sauna sessions, but I didn’t.  Sauna is an amazing relaxant that helps detoxify body and aids in fat loss, so I will definitely include this in my next challenge to six-pack abs.
  3. Planned a “Road Six Pack Abs” before holidays lol  It landed in the middle of Thanksgiving and I need to plan my next challenge before to fully enjoy holidays and not stress about it.  It is important to have a balance and enjoy things without stress.
  4. Increased Yoga sessions.  I do Yoga once a week, but starting the New Year  I will be increasing my Yoga practice more.  Stay tuned to learn why!


Watch my Periscope replays on my progress to my ROAD SIX PACK ABS

Watch 24 hr replays via Periscope

Watch replays over 24 hrs via Katch



12-10-15 Day 25 Road to Six Pack Progress

Posted by Mary Miranda FIt on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Do you want want abs?

What is the hardest thing for you to do that is stopping you from your own Road Six Pack abs?

Any questions, comments? Let me know!

Check out this link to view my favorite six pack abs workout.


Mary Miranda


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